We are trying to raise money to go on a field trip somewhere, ideally to New York. We are trying to sell this newspaper that we wrote to make money for this trip. We invite you to follow the paypal link to buy our newspaper. Here is an excerpt from our newspaper.

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Let’s start with the bathroom

1) You’re taking a bath or shower. You get out and slip on the wet floor, get knocked out, cut yourself, and bleed out. You’re DEAD.

2) You’re in the bathroom doing your business with the door looked. The door is jammed. You’re locked in with no food. You’re DEAD.

3) You’re brushing your teeth. You go too far back, swallow your toothbrush, and choke. You’re DEAD.

4) You’re washing your clothes.  You fall into the machine. It starts running. You’re DEAD.


Elan, 13 years old