We are looking for someone to join our team as a facilitator for next year.

The position would involve for one to two days per week:

– to help young people in their activities

– to play with young people

– to offer workshops according to the interests of the young people

– to be often interrupted by wonderful young people

– to help with our democratic assemblies and conflict resolution at the centre

– possibly help with administrative tasks (phone, social networks, newsletters, etc.)

– to do some mentoring.

*We can currently offer 15,25$ per hour. The position will be in effect from September 2023 until June 2024.

Application process

To apply, we invite you to send us your resume by June 4th to montlibre.org@gmail.com. We will contact successful candidates by telephone to invite them to a half-day trial and an interview a few days later. The interviews will be carried out by the team of facilitators and the young people jointly, as will the choice of the candidate.


We will prioritise candidates who have the following strength(s):

– Strives to apply the principles of non-violent and horizontal communication

– Passionate about alternative education

– Flexible

– Authentic

– Values ​​inclusion and diversity

– Comfortable taking initiatives and taking risks

– Gives importance to interpersonal relationships

– Comfortable with admitting they made a mistake and apologising

– Open mind

– Who is interested in discovering the passions of young people (such as video games and creating videos) and who has a variety of passions to share with them

– Who can work at least the equivalent of one day a week ideally until June 20th.

For all questions: 514-668-6254