In this first video, we invite you to discover what goes on at Compass, a centre for self-directed learning for teenagers in Ottawa, that inspires us a great deal.

What have they become?
In this video, a former Sudbury Valley School student talks about the struggles that she went through in conventional schools before she started attending Sudbury Valley School. She also discusses what she became after years of self-directed learning at this school. This video is only the first part of her testimony. The rest of her testimony and those of other former Sudbury Valley School student can be found through their youtube channel.

Democratic assemblies
In this video, two students introduce the principles and the benefit of democratic assemblies (school meetings) as well as how these assemblies work at Sudbury Valley School, a school that draws on a an educational philosophy very similar to ours. These assemblies enable the members of the (un)school community to take decisions about the activities and the rules of the school. The democratic assemblies at Mont-Libre are inspired by these assemblies and follow agile principles utilized in the world of software development.

Conflict resolution
This video follows students at Longview School in New York through their conflict resolution process. It discusses how these processes work and how children benefit from them. We try address conflict resolution through very similar principles and by putting emphasis on tools associated to Non Violent Communication.