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The Facilitators

Noémie Bourbonnais

During my bachelor degree in education, it became apparent that I had to explore alternatives to conventional schools so that I could stay true to myself and to my values. Democratic or ecologic education naturally emerged from my searches. Thus, I decided to join the Redaq network (Réseau des Écoles Démocratiques Au Québec). I have been involved in projects that relates to childhood, non-violent communication and self-directed learning.


Marc-Alexandre Prud’homme 

I am the proud father of a two-year old girl. I teach as a part-time professor in education in different universities in Quebec and Ontario. I have taught at Compass, a centre for self-directed learning in Ottawa, for four years. My studies at both the master’s and doctoral levels have dealt with democratic schools and self-directed learning. I am one of the co-founders of the Redaq (Réseau des écoles démocratiques au Québec).


Lucie Pelletier

Étudiante à la maîtrise en sociologie et assistante de recherche, Lucie étudie les stéréotypes de genre et la place des pédagogies féministes dans les milieux d’apprentissage. Elle a l’habitude d’apporter des jeux de société au centre, et aime voir l’esprit critique des jeunes s’aiguiser.

Natalie Robinson

Natalie Robinson is re-learning French. 😉 Her background includes launching a homeschoolers collective and a forest school. She’s worked as an outdoor educator, classroom teacher, First Nations daycamp leader, soccer coach and dance teacher. Natalie has recently moved to Montreal with her children.