The Facilitators

Christine Perry

Christine graduated in education from the University of Montreal. She is the proud mother of an 8 year old. She has worked for more than a year as an educator at Les AS, a democratically-run centre similar to ours on the North Shore.

Marc-Alexandre Prud’homme 

I am the proud father of a six-year old girl. I teach as a part-time professor in education in different universities in Quebec and Ontario. I have taught at Compass, a centre for self-directed learning in Ottawa, for four years. My studies at both the master’s and doctoral levels have dealt with democratic schools and self-directed learning. I am one of the co-founders of the Redaq (Réseau des écoles démocratiques au Québec).

Audrey Caudron

Audrey is a spontaneous and sensible person. She likes to have conversations about many societal issues like the environment. She enjoys mindfulness, yoga, and music. She also likes to organize interdisciplinary activities and projects.

Julie Gagnon

Julie is a very creative person who likes to discuss and explore new things. In addition to sowing, painting, gardening, and cooking, you can always count on her for board games and to talk about history and politics.