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We are trying to raise money to go on a field trip somewhere, ideally to New York. We are trying to sell this newspaper that we wrote to make money for this trip. We invite you to follow the paypal link to buy our newspaper. Here is an excerpt from our newspaper.

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Second Version


Twitch is a live streaming service where people can live stream games or anything you want really and anyone can watch it. It’s a bit like Youtube. Twitch has a phone app also so you can access it easily. Right now Twitch isn’t the biggest platform but its getting bigger and better, as more and more people are using Twitch to watch their favorite streamers. On Twitch you can follow someone to get notified when they go live or you can subscribe by paying 4 dollars a month to your favourite streamer to support them. You can also donate any amount of money you want for support. Right now the biggest streamer is ninja with 4 million followers and 300,000 subscribers. Ninja streams Fortnite, the biggest game right now. Most people you ask will have played the game before or at least heard of it. Fortnite is taking the world by storm. Most of the streamers that you find on Twitch will probably play Fortnite. Ninja gets almost 150,000 viewers live on his streams. He makes over 1.5 million dollars a month just from playing a video game for 8 hours a day. This is going to be the new form of entertainment across the world. 

Noah 15 years old

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First Version

Ways to die in your house: Let’s start with the bathroom

1) You’re taking a bath or shower. You get out and slip on the wet floor, get knocked out, cut yourself, and bleed out. You’re DEAD.

2) You’re in the bathroom doing your business with the door looked. The door is jammed. You’re locked in with no food. You’re DEAD.

3) You’re brushing your teeth. You go too far back, swallow your toothbrush, and choke. You’re DEAD.

4) You’re washing your clothes.  You fall into the machine. It starts running. You’re DEAD.


Elan, 13 years old