If you are looking to diversify the educational equipment that you are offering to your homeschooling child.ren, we have a couple of options that we are offering here. Quantities and availabilities are limited. Every piece of equipment offered is 20$ per rental and each rental last two weeks and can be renewed if no reservations have been made.

Upgraded Advanced Version Starter Kit the RFID learn Suite Kit LCD 1602 ...

Arduino Robotic Kit

An Arduino robotic kit offers many possibilities to homeschooling families, especially as far as science, electricity, and engineering are concerned. Many projects can be built while learning to code a little.


A CNC is a machine that engrave on wood different design, which can be created while using the OpenBuilds software (only available on Windows).

Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer V2 13860 B&H Photo Video

3D printer

3D printing also offers many possibilities to homeschooling families, in science as well as in maths. Kids can create their own design with TinkerCad or can print designs that have already been created and tested on Thingiverse. Using the 3D printer requires using Cura, a printing software.

Kidz With Character: BUTTON MAKER / 5,5cm

Button Maker

For wonderful art projects, we offer you the possibility of renting our button maker. Additional fees may apply for the material required for each button.